Friday, 26 June 2015

Soysambu Conservancy

Soysambu conservancy is substantial part of Lake Elementaita which is a UNSECO World Heritage site and a Ramsar site. The conservancy nestle between Lake Elementaita and Lake Nakuru, the ancestral home of thousands of flamingos both the Greater and Lesser which feed on the lake’s crustacean and insect larvae and on its suspended blue-green algae and their attendant cast of pelicans who nest here, cormorants, waders and storks. Within the shelter of the crater, wander large herds of buffalo, within the acacia thickets graze the rare Rothschild’s giraffe, and across the plains bound an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of plain’s game. This conservancy promotes sustainable coexistence of wildlife with livestock.

The Conservancy also protects over 450 bird species and 15,000 wild animals.  The endangered Rothschild giraffes have found a safe haven for breeding here, while a diverse variety of terrain shelters many species - from herds of giant elands to tiny dik-diks and cliff-dwelling klipspringers. Night game-drives offer a unique opportunity to spot nocturnal creatures including the curious-looking aardvark and elusive leopard.  Walking is also allowed, with chances to experience the miracles of the bush close-up.
With the wide varieties of birds, this has turned to be a birding site as well.

Privacy for Honeymooners is guaranteed as there are no people close to the conservancy.