Friday, 12 June 2015

Borana Conservancy Laikipia

 Borana provides an idyllic setting for any African experience with the snow-tipped peaks and glaciers of Mount Kenya to the south and a panorama of mountains and desert to the north. Borana Conservancy is a private ranch dedicated in protecting the endangered species, like the Rhinos, elephant and Grevy Zebra just to mention but a few. 
Borana offers some of the most thrilling, authentic and unique ways to encounter Kenya’s wildlife and wilderness .  The conservancy has retained this land as pristine wilderness that guests are able to enjoy first hand, be it walking through the bush, riding on ranch horses or mountain bikes, driving in the open-top safari vehicles, or lounging at the infinity pool and enjoying the view. Borana guarantees exclusivity, making every aspect of the safari experience personal, peaceful and uninterrupted - giving guests the rare opportunity to be totally immersed in nature.