Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Laikipia County Tourism

Laikipia is a vast expanse of wild county in the central highlands of Kenya - it covers almost 2 million acres and runs from Mt Kenya in the East to the Rift Valley in the west. Laikipia lies outside the jurisdiction of National Parks, and is somewhere to get out of a vehicle and embrace the numerous safari activities that Kenya has to offer.
Laikipia is today an interesting amalgam of land that's almost all either privately or communally owned, whether by large-scale ranchers, small subsistence farmers, Maasai or Samburu communities. From the perspective of the visitor, Laikipia is about freedom and a chance to experience the lifestyle of those who live here.
Ranging from the foothills of Mt Kenya towards the north and west, the vegetation varies from indigenous forest to rock, arid scrub and steep river valleys. This area sees relatively little rainfall but can be deceptively cold at night during certain times of the year. The Laikipia Wildlife Forum has been very active in promoting collaboration amongst it's members and so this area has become an important conservation body, with ranches involving themselves in eco-tourism and conservation projects both within their own land and alongside the local communities.