Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Lake Baringo Getaway

The Lake Baringo is at the threshold of Northern Kenya and is an oasis in the arid plains. This is an amazing getaway with friends especially at the Island Camp .It is located at the narrowest part of the Great Rift Valley and is surrounded by the Tugen Hills volcanic range (El Gaylo) on the west and the Laikipia Escarpment. The lake was around 50 square miles in area until the early 2000’s until the dramatic increase in water since 2011; so much so, it is now estimated to be over 100 sq. miles. The lake is now well stocked with fish (with restocking by Omega Farms Ltd.), and attracts many Cormorants and Fish Eagles as well as other water birds. The Lake is also well populated with Crocodiles and Hippos.DCIM100GOPRO
There are more activities to engage like:
Enjoy an easy walk around the resort grounds with an experienced bird watcher. About one and a half hours.
Take a morning boat ride around Ol Kokwe and Rock of Gibraltar with an experienced bird and animal guide who can call and feed the fish eagles.  Morning light is best for bird photography.
Longer boat excursions around the lake including “Giraffe Island” can also be arranged.  The Island is on the Ruko Conservancy.  Several years ago 8 giraffe were brought by ferry to the island which was then a peninsula with the plan that when the lake dried up more they would locate to the mainland.  With the unexpected rise in water levels they are now isolated on the island with other wildlife including ostriches, impala, rock hyraxes and large monitor lizards.
We can arrange a morning nature walk around Giraffe Island with a conservancy ranger followed by a Champagne Breakfast.
 we can organize this with a picnic breakfast or lunch for your own excursion (usually around 4 hours).
We can provide a boat and water skis for your water sport fun or, for the more conservative, we have a “donut” for you to ride behind the boat.
We can arrange sundowners on the lake by boat, on Rock of Gibraltar, or at the Look Out Point down from the swimming pool.  Or sit and watch the sunset at the pool or either bar areas while conversing with your friends and family and your favourite cocktail.