Thursday, 4 June 2015

Olkaria Natural Spa Naivasha

Naivasha has an ending activities that keeps travelers alive and to full blast. Olkaria spa, a natural recreational facility powered directly by energy that emanates from the underground. The spa, approximated to be about 3,600 square metres and 5 feet deep and is set to have a children’s pool on the side . The natural spa has four interconnected hot water lagoons. The pool is constructed with terraces all around it that minimize the chances of drowning. The terraces also act as staircases defining levels one can go into the water. At some levels, water reaches as far as your knee but as you go deeper to the lower inner terraces, the mineral-rich water can go as far as your neck. The spa has therapeutic characteristics on the central nervous system and muscle relaxation especially for those suffering from arthritis. It’s a fun family spot for a weekend getaway.
 The spa is within Hell’s gate National Park where you can also engage in biking, rocking, walking, game drives and also visit the devils bedroom at Hells gate gorge.  Lake Naivasha is within a close proximity therefore you can enjoy boat ride and a visit to Crescent Island too. Mountain climbing can be done as well at Mount Longonot if organized.

Endless fun in Naivasha throughout the year.