Thursday, 15 September 2016

Olkoroi Camp

The Olkoroi Camp is located in the Loita Hills of Southern Kenya. The camp is situated on the edge of a wildlife corridor linking the Naimina Enkiyio (Forest of the Lost Child) with the world famous Maasai Mara eco-system.

The Olkoroi Camp is the ideal setting for people who wish to stay at a place off the beaten track where they can experience both authentic, heartwarming Maasai Culture as well as the thrill of the very enchanted natural beauty of the African bush. Here is a place where you can still hear at night the call of the leopard, the tree hyrax and the bush baby, where there are no fences and where a herd of buffalo might graze beside your tent at night. The Olkoroi Camp is truly community based - where it is easy for visitors to interact with and become part of the day to day lives of the local Maasai community.

From USD 100 Per person per night 

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